ERM 4.0

Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA)

Dear colleague ,

As per our information security compliance, you all are hereby requested to go through the below NDA Policy.


1. I understand that I may have access to certain documents that may contain confidential information (“Confidential Information”) of PSPL and or its Customer. Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, any information relating to organizational structure, personnel data, marketing philosophy and objectives, project plans, vision statements, business initiatives, systems design, processes, competitive advantages, and disadvantages, financial results, and materials related to same, technology, Customer lists, product development, advertising or sales programs and any other information which would give PSPL and or its Customer an opportunity to obtain an advantage over their competitors or which PSPL and or its Customer is ethically obligated to protect from unauthorized sources. None of such Confidential Information shall be deemed to be in the public domain.


To enable Customer to protect their investments in Confidential Information, I agree to safeguard all Confidential Information and not to reveal Confidential Information to any third party. If disclosure is necessary to satisfactorily render the services, I must receive approval of PSPL and or its Customer before revealing any Confidential Information. This would include any documents prepared by me and derived, in whole or in part, from Confidential Information. At the conclusion of my role in the performance of services. I agree to return promptly all Confidential Information to PSPL and or its Customer, including all copies. I agree not to discuss Confidential information of PSPL and or its Customer in public places.


I understand that PSPL and or its Customer reserve the right to revoke any access they may have previously authorized and, at their sole discretion, to deny access to any and all documents, notwithstanding this Undertaking.


2. I shall perform my services to the best of my abilities in a bona fide manner and shall exercise due diligence and utmost care in respect thereof. I will be bound by all the rules, regulations, policies of PSPL and or its Customer as promulgated from time to time in relation to my conduct of the services. I will adhere to the organizations information security policy and all subsequent policies and procedure that are defined by management.


3. I understand and abide by the rule that I do not misquote or misrepresent any customer organization or PC Solutions for what so ever reason in case of any activities or incidents outside of work premises, or in their personal capacity, refer to or create reference to customer organization or PC Solutions in any manner, shape or form.


4. I understand, acknowledge and agree that if I threaten to or actually breach or fail to observe any of the obligations set forth in this Undertaking then -


(a) PSPL and or its Customer will be subject to irreparable harm and I therefore agree that PSPL and or its Customer shall be entitled to injunctive relief, damages and/or any other remedies permitted, to ensure and enforce my compliance with these obligations provided, however, that no specification herein of any particular legal or equitable remedy shall be construed as a waiver, prohibition or limitation of any other legal or equitable remedies.


(b) My services can be terminated and/or such disciplinary action and/or such legal action taken against me as PSPL and or its Customer may deem fit.

I hereby Declare that I read all the Terms & Conditions.I am aware that I have entered into a Confidentiality Agreement. I fully understand that this arrangement impose certain obligations on me. I agree voluntarily to provide this undertaking to ensure my understanding and compliance with these obligations.